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Other Treatments

Holistic Massage

While my approach to Sports Massage is 'holistic' in that I aim to treat the 'Whole You', Aches, Pains, Injuries and all.  Sometimes a more relaxing massage is the order of the day.


Holistic Massage taps into the body's inner workings : Physical, Mental and Emotional.  All three areas need to work together in harmony, and if one is compromised then the others can become out of balance.


In the current economic climate stress is a major factor in many peoples lives. Extended elevated levels of stress can in turn contribute to physical disease. A well tailored Holistic massage can help to alleviate the effects of stress and assist the body's systems back into balance, allowing the body and mind valuable recuperation and repair time.

Hot Stone Massage

More of a pamper treatment than other massages, with hot basalt stones placed on the body with the heat penetrating into the underlying muscles, before being used as massage tools.  Hot Stone Massage is really a winter-time treatment, ideal for the cold gloomy days.


Hot Stone treatments are carried out over a 90 minute treatment for £90


Advance Bookings only (the stones need to be heated very slowly in order for the heat to penetrate through to their core)

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