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Male Waxing

The next step in male grooming.

Guys are catching on to the benefits of wax removal of body hair. Here you can have this Axiom Certified service, using the best quality depilatory waxes at my massage treatment room rather than at a High Street Waxing Salon. So if you're a bit shy about it and don't like the idea of walking into a salon to be de-fuzzed it's the perfect location.

Why wax ?

Guys have a variety of reasons for removing some or all of their body hair : Aesthetics, Cleanliness, Performance Improvement, Competitive Advantage, to name a few. For example, a swimmer may remove hair to improve flow through the water, whereas a cyclist may have the hair removed from their legs to avoid chafing, and the complications of road-rash should they have an accident. Then a rugby player may opt for a hair-free chest, to avoid the discomfort of their hair being grabbed through their shirt during a tackle.

A body-builder, or model, or someone with tattoos or piercings may opt to be hair-free to show off their hard-work in the gym (or somebody else’s artistic talent). Some may go hair-free simply because it looks and feels good. Others because their partners prefer them that way, or they have other personal reasons for wanting to be hair free. The list goes on… The reasons are many… The choice of how much hair you want is yours.

There are several benefits of waxing over shaving:

  • No itchy stubbly re-growth.
  • Longer time between the need to remove re-growth.
  • Over time the re-growth softens and reduces, and therefore body hair thins out.
  • Compared to body shaving there is less likelihood of ingrown hairs (esp. following appropriate aftercare advice)


The most common question I get asked by newbies is “Does it hurt?”

Well I’d be kidding you if I said “It’s a walk in the park”, although any discomfort is over almost instantly, and most guys find that the benefits outweigh the temporary discomfort (otherwise they wouldn’t come back when they need waxing again). Over time, with regular treatments the discomfort eases as the follicles respond to the treatment, and the re-growth is easier to remove.


Dos & Don'ts

Please note that if you are allergic to regular sticking plasters your skin may not be suitable for waxing, and therefore would require a skin allergy test to be carried out a few days prior to the treatment.


If you are or have been taking Roaccutane (or other systemic/tablet based acne treatments) you are not able to be waxed for at least 6 months following the cessation of the medication.


We may need to plan when best to do your waxing. Think about your upcoming commitments / travel plans etc. and call me to discuss.


Before having a waxing treatment;

Avoid shaving/trimming/using hair removal creams for 3 weeks. The hair needs to be of sufficient length (8-10mm) in order for it to be successfully removed

Shower (ideally, although I appreciate that this isn’t always possible) and wear/bring clean loose cotton clothing/underwear (depending on the areas to be waxed)

Especially in the case of Brazilian/Intimate area waxing… Leave your inhibitions in the carpark.


After your waxing treatment;

Be prepared to avoid activities where you get hot and sweaty for between 24-48 hours (and Yes, in the case of Brazilian/Intimate area waxing this does mean avoiding sexual activity).

Avoid Spas, Swimming Pools, Saunas and Steam Rooms for up-to 48 hours.

Avoid tanning (real or artificial) for a few days.

Exfoliate and moisturise the area waxed as directed at the time of the treatment.

Follow the aftercare advice that you are given at the time.

And if you have any issues or corncerns after waxing... contact me.  There are no silly questions.


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