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Skcin : Melanoma & Skin Cancer Early Detection


Listed below are a number of organisations that I use and/or would recommend and good causes I am happy to support:

I am proud to have been the Team Therapist for the Basingstoke Bision NIHL Ice Hockey Team.  Over the years this very physical sport has given me a wealth of experience in treating sports related musculo-skeletal injuries and sport related muscular tension.


It's a fun night out and a great atmosphere too.  Most (but not all) home matches are Saturday evenings and it's a very family orientated experience if you've never been before, but bring a coat.



SKCIN: The Karen Clifford Skin Cancer Charity (reg. 1150048) is dedicated to raising awareness around the prevention and early detection of Melanoma and Skin Cancer.

I am proud to be accreditated under their MASCED program.  While this certainly does not make me an expert in the subject, a fresh pair of eyes combined with the knowledge and resources Skcin provide could save lives.

Balls to Cancer ; Helping fight cancer with fun since 2011

Every year 200k men are diagnosed with some form of cancer.

Every year 80k men die from cancer.

One in Two men will suffer cancer at some point in their lifetime.

I am pleased to support this worthwhile charity in my own small way.

Set in extensive parkland in Basingstoke North Hampshire, Worting House is an exceptional location offering fully managed office space to rent. From sole traders through to multi-nationals, all types of organisations have established their business amongst the landscaped grounds of Worting House.

The John Gibbons Bodymaster method brings together a host of discrete physical therapy disciplines in my philosophy of Ultimate Bodymastery. Employing everything I’ve learned in 20 years’ experience, and with my qualifications in Osteopathy, Sports and Remedial Massage, Muscle Energy Techniques, Reflexology, Nutrition and Physical Fitness, I have designed the Bodymaster method to approach the body as a complex integrated unit, where one dysfunction may require more than one area of expertise.

If you want to take your practise to the next level, sign up for a Bodymaster Masterclass today.


John is not only an excellent educator, but the author of Muscle Energy Techniques: A Practical Handbook... a must for every Massage Therapist's bookshelf. Pb.

People have asked how Male Waxing can fit into what is essentially a Sport Massage Practice.  The answer is simple : These days a lot of sporty guys don't want to be hairy, but I find many are too shy to go into a salon to be waxed and settle for shaving instead, and the itchy consequences of re-growth. 


Over the years I have been asked numerous times whether I offered waxing as well, and then I was fortunate enough to cross paths with the Wax Daddy himself; Andy Rouillard.  Instead of viewing me as 'The Competition' (he is a massage therapist too!) he encouraged me to attend his training courses and took me under his wing (although there's a lot of us under here!) and taught me the secrets of his trade.

iZettle, the social payments company, creates services for person-to-person and business-to-consumer commerce. The service includes an app (iPad, iPhone & Android) and a mini chip+PIN card reader that lets anyone take secure card payments anytime, anywhere.


Sign up with the referral link above, and receive your first transactions free (up to £10)... and I benefit too ! Pb.

The UK experts in running shoes, clothing and accessories.  Offering gait analysis, a huge range of running shoes, and a welcoming, helpful and professional service.  Highly recommended.


Shops in Alton, Farnham and Eastleigh (and online)

Bollox Brand Underwear (All in a good cause!)

We are the only brand of men's boxer shorts supporting men's cancer charities.  Our first product launch are these high quality black and white boxers for you to wear at every occasion.

Whether you're down the pub with your mates, at work, working out, watching the TV, on your first date or a night of passion - the list is endless, these boxers show a lot about you:- you know quality, you know a good brand, and you look after your own 'equipment'.

By buying a pair of these boxer shorts you are helping to Cure and Care and looking after your own pair.


These guys are donating 10% of their TURNOVER (not profit!) to Male Cancer Charities.  I've already bought mine! Pb.

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